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Buying a home is typically the most expensive investment you will make. You deserve to know all the details about the dwelling where you and your loved ones will live and visit. Whether you are looking to buy, have a new house, or have lived in your home for years it is important to know the condition of your home and keep up with maintenance. Don't wait to discover that your home has leaks, or that your furnace isn't ready for winter.

All of the information included in your home inspection report can be used to negotiate the price of your new home, which means that the cost of the inspection will easily pay for itself.

Every home inspection will be very thorough and will include natural gas leak detection and electrical inspection of all accessible outlets and breaker boxes. A lot of home inspectors don't give complete inspections, as it is not required to access certain areas of the home. At Henry Home Inspections, we will walk on your roof to inspect it, we will go through the crawlspace, go into the attic and any other inconvenient spaces to deliver a complete and thorough home inspection. With Henry Home Inspections, same day inspection report delivery is a standard.
Areas Served:
Lake County and Mendocino County
  • Nice
  • Upper Lake
  • Lucerne
  • Glenhaven
  • Clearlake Oaks
  • Clearlake
  • Lowerlake
  • Hidden Valley Lake
  • Middletown
  • Cobb
  • ​​Loch Lomond
  • Kelseyville 
  • Riviera Estates
  • Lakeport
  • North Lakeport
  • Hopland
  • Potter Valley
  • Redwood Valley
  • Calpella
  • ​Willits
  • Ukiah
  • Talmage
  • Vichy Springs
  • Regina Heights
  • Brooktrails
  • Clearlake Riviera
  • Buckingham Park
  • Soda Bay

Dear prospective customers, I was looking for a home inspector for a new home purchase on the Home 
Advisor website, and after talking to several others, I contacted Keith Henry. During my initial call, Keith was open to talk, well spoken, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the home improvement process. Initially when I read his listing , I thought he might lack experience because he just got his license a year ago. But after talking with him it was clear he is a seasoned expert. The thorough, easy to read, extremely useful home inspection report confirmed my impression of him over the phone. His prompt response and knowledge about house construction, HVAC, electrical, codes, etc. was very reassuring as well. On the day of the inspection, he proved to be concise and specific in his explanation of areas that need attention, as well as the degree of urgency associated with each item. I highly recommend Keith and will use him again (if given an opportunity to sell/buy a property). Sincerely, Maris

Maris - Hidden Valley

 Just excellent overall. Friendly, punctual, clearly qualified.

Cynthia - Healdsburg

Keith was on time and friendly. He addressed issues as they came up and his report was straightforward and

included pictures of every mentioned issue no matter how minor. My only wish is that I was buying another

home so I could hire Henry Home Inspections again!

Nicholas - Hopland

 He does everything by himself, he actually knows how to do the things he says he does. He does a lot of
different things and does great work!

Rick - Clearlake

I found Keith's work ethic and personality to be of the highest quality. It was a pleasure to be associated
with him. 

Ray - Lakeport

Thanks Keith! I think it reads very well. I understood everything in the report. Thank you again for fitting
me in so quickly. 

Jeanne - Kelseyville

1000 -1999 Sq. Ft.
2000-2999 Sq. Ft.
Additional 1000 Sq. Ft.
$50 Each
Additional fees may apply for traveling or inspecting outbuildings.

Quotes are free! Dont hesitate to call.

Keith Henry - 707.354.4472

10% Discount for Veterans

Same day inspection report delivery!

  1. Fully Insured
    General Liability Insurance $1,000,000 per Occurrence Produced by RISKPRO Insurance Agency, LLC Policy # 46 SBM UK7744
  2. Certified
    Home Inspectors of America Date of Completion of Training: 07/13/2017 Certification Number: 270870